The revolutionary Nissan Deltawing

In the movie you can see above, the Nissan Deltawing is presented.
This is a race car that participated in the 2012 Le Mans race. If you just take a look at the design of the car, you will immediately see that it is not a standard race car with spoilers, wings, a huge tires and a large frontal area.

The designers of the car have radically changed their idea about how a racing car should look like and they came up with a completely new approach.
They wanted to cut the aero drag, the tyre wear, the power, and the mass by half. This means the car will be able to drive longer between pit stops. Because they have to do less pit stops, they can gain time on their competitors. But because of the fact that it has lower downforce levels, it will go slower through the corners.
Another thing to which they anticipated very clever is that the car industry is very busy with downsizing their engines. The Nissan Deltawing itself only uses a 1.6 litre turbocharged engine compared to the 3.7 litre Audi engine. This looks a lot more like the engines you will find in little city cars which was one of the main reasons for Nissan to participate in the project.
I do however think that the Le Mans cars will not change drastically because the Deltawing was still outperformed by most of it’s competitors. And in motorsport, it is still the goal to win. So it was a good eyecatcher which could make the people think about a possible future of motorsport but it will never win races, at least for a while.


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