Technological evolution requires green innovation.

Year after year, more and more studies are conducted in order to prove the necessity of green and sustainable technologies in order to ensure a healthy and wealthy future. One market that could surely benefit form this is the car industry, which is currently investigating the possibility of carbon monocoque structures over steel frames. These engineers are constantly looking for new ways to make travel less polluted and much more fuel efficient. And the Formula One sport is no different.

Each year, new regulations are set up to force and inspire the teams to go even further in order to get the most performance out of the little fuel they get. This causes new technologies to be developed that could also be used in regular cars. The changes this year are so incredible that the teams has to almost completely redo their design in order to meet the new regulations. The video below gives a short explanation as to what has changed this year:

The teams this year had to go very far in order to make it work, but how much further will they actually be able to go?


4 thoughts on “Technological evolution requires green innovation.

    • This is indeed a large problem producers are faced with today. If I’m not mistaken, at the end of a cars lifetime, around 85% of the materials used is cars have to be reused or recycled. This is the main reason why steel is favored in car industries since it’s easy to recycle. However, a lot of studies involving the recycling of carbon, and other composites, are being conducted right now and are very promising. The use of carbon monocoques would result in an overal lighter weight, therefor also a smaller engine, which means even less weight, and so on … . If the material is easy and relatively cheap to recycle, it’s definitely worth looking into.

  1. It is very promising that the Formula One introduces new rules from time to time. Energy recuperation and fuel efficiency are the main goal for car companies these days, the formula one constructors have always been innovating vehicule systems that can be applied to the passenger vehicules later if proven more optimal. Every new system they introduce in competition might be a possible solution for the future.

    • Indeed, but they keep pushing the limit further and further. It is indeed a nice way to stimulate the development of energy recuperating systems and to design more fuel efficient motors, but there has to be a limit to what can still be improved. A lot of teams already had a lot of difficulty meeting these new regulations. It seems that a stagnation point is going to be reached in the near future.

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