Williams F1 KERS technology for Porsche

A few years ago, just after the introduction of KERS in F1, Williams teamed up with Porsche to equip a GT3 race car with a similar KERS system to the one Williams uses in its F1 cars. As discussed in a previous post, this was one of the strategies of Williams to gain money to fund its F1 team. The Porsche 911 GT3 R will use an electro-mechanical flywheel system which stores the energy in a flywheel and sends it back to the front wheels with electric motors. 01-porsche-911-gt3-r-hybrid
Selling such technologies to other car companies seems a very good strategic decision to me. It helps to spread the technology and because of the fact that technology advances very fast in a motorsport environment, it will help to develop KERS systems which can be used in normal road cars or other forms of civil transportation.
Certainly in urban areas, this can save a lot of energy which would otherwise be lost as heat in the brakes.



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