The revolutionary Nissan Deltawing

If you looked at the starting grid of the 2012 Le Mans race, you could see one weird car which goes against all traditional design rules for racing cars.

It has no spoilers or wings, no big wide tire and a small frontal area. You might wonder how a car like that could still be fast on a race track but it was. This is because the designers just took a whole new fresh approach to the problems of endurance racing.
They wanted to design a car that has half the drag of a normal car, with half the weight and half the tire wear, which would result in less pit stops because of a lower fuel consumption.
And the designers did a great job with it. It was racing very well during Le Mans but it was unfortunately hit by another car and had to quit the race.
It was however not good enough to compete with the best cars among the grid which is the reason why we will probably not see any more of these designs in the near future but it was very pleasant and interesting to see such a new and fresh approach which ignored all the set conventions of race car design.


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