A small step forward

More and more car companies are focussing their attention to greener technologies to sustain a better tomorrow. One of such technologies is electric actuators instead of fuel engines. Not only do fuel engines pollute (a lot), their efficiency is remarkably low while compared to electrical motors, who have been noted to have efficiencies of up to 97.5%. However, to be really effective, EV’s should have to happen on a large scale.

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This idea led Kia to the development of the Kia Ray EV. The target was to develop a mass producible EV to launch in a highly populated country, being Korea. Despite having pretty good specs (click the link below), the vehicle didn’t really break trough. After the first batch in 2012, not a lot of these cars have been sold. This was because the Ray was sort of the predecessor of the KIA Soul which was planned to be distributed mid 2014 in Korea as well. If we compare the two, one thing immediately catches the eye. The KIA Ray looks like a cube, meaning it’s not aerodynamic … at all. If we compare this to the KIA Soul or the Renault TWIZZY, we can see that these EV’s have spent a lot more attention on this aspect, which is still one of the major losses in a car.


Since the car is about to be released in a few months and it’s goal is to sell 5000 pieces by the end of this year in Korea alone. We’ll have to wait and see if they’ll succeed in their plans.


Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/22/kias-ray-ev-hasnt-heard-about-aerodynamics-sets-out-to-defy-n/


2 thoughts on “A small step forward

  1. For starters they should also pay attention to the overal looks of EV’s, most of them look like futuristic space vehicles and are simply ugly. I think people want their car to look good…

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