Red Bull owner Mateschitz threatens to quit F1 due to new ecological rules

A week after the first F1 race of the season in Melbourne, Red Bull owner Mateschitz has uttered his concerns about the rule changes in F1. He said that Red Bull might quit F1 if they are not happy with how things are arranged in the future. This would be a small disaster since Red Bull does not only sponsor Red Bull Racing of Sebastian Vettel but also Toro Rosso in Italy.Dietrich Mateschitz

He has several issues with how F1 is governed right now. First of all, he has problems with the fuel flow limit of 100kg/h which posed problems for Red Bull during the first race of the season resulting in a disqualification of Ricciardo. But the biggest problem is the fact that the more ecological rules of the new season result in several challenges for Formula 1 in general.
The engines are now limited to 15000rpm instead of 19000rpm last year. This results in an engine sound which is quiet and low. Due to this, the spectators and organisers of the GP of Australia were not at all amused. Going to an F1 race did not provide the same thrill as it used to be. Due to the ecological constraints, the cars are now several seconds per lap slower than last year.
This almost results in the fact that other cars such as the GP2 cars are nearly as fast as F1 cars and that with a much lower budget.
According to me, the new rules indeed pose a challenge to F1. When I watched the race in Australia on television, I was also a little bit disappointed by the sound. Maybe, the rule changes should not have been so big. They posed huge challenges to the manufacturers and the development costed a huge amount of money. If the sport would lose the interest of a lot of people, it would be a lot less interesting for other companies to sponsor teams which could endanger the sport.
Although one remark should be made and that is that you should watch out with what you believe in the motorsport world. A lot that is said is just politics and should be watched sceptically.



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