Bending the Limit Part 3

Some techniques have been discussed so far as to how to possibly lower the drag of a car. One without a lot of adaptions and one that requires a more intellectual approach. However, there is one more adaptation one can make without too many changes that has been the topic of a lot of discussions. Namely removing the side view mirrors and replacing them with side view camera’s.


The principle behind this is fairly easy to understand. The side view mirrors cause a (small but noticable) increase in frontal area and actually has quite a lot of drag. This drag force has a quadratically proportional to the speed, thus 2 highly energy consuming elements at high speeds. On the other hand, rear view camera’s and LCD’s are very cheap nowadays and don’t consume a lot of energy. Having that said, installing and implementing the camera’s is not as simple and should be left for those who have a lot of knowledge on how to do this. For example, the camera should be lag free, shouldn’t be influenced by noise, isn’t allowed to fail (dangerous to drive without being able to see next to you)


A lot of pro’s and cons should be weighed against eachother to see if it can be done safely and if it’s beneficial. Below,  you can find an article where a calculation is done to show how the differences.




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