Formula E: The future of racing?

In a few months, a new racing serie will be born. It is called Formula E and teams will compete against each other in fully electric cars. The project is backed by famous persons like Leonardo Di Caprio and a lot of famous former F1 drivers will race with these new cars. One of the drivers will be our own Jerôme D’Ambrosio who was the last Belgian in Formula 1

A big advantage for the promotion for the series is that the races take place in the city centres of some of the most important cities in the world and they will be broadcasted live on a lot of television stations.
Because of battery limitations, races would normally not be that long because the battery capacity would just be to low, but the organisers found interesting ways to solve this problem. They will introduce one pit stop where the battery pack will be changed and one where the driver has to change cars.

I think this is a great initiative, although I have some doubts if it will be popular with the big public. They sure did a great job to make the cars look attractive but the lack of real engine sound might be a problem as we have seen with F1 in Melbourne.
But I will certainly be looking forward to the new season which starts in a symbolical place namely Beijing where a lot has to be done about CO2 emissions.


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